My School Portal

We encourage all parents to use our online payment facility ‘My School Portal’. You will need to request an account to access the system by going to City of Norwich School (  and entering your email address in the “Forgotten Password” field.  You must enter the same email address as you have previously registered with CNS.  You will then receive an email with a link to set up your password. The email will be similar to the example below, you should then open the link included in the email:

Once you have logged into My School Portal, you can access the payment section by clicking “Online Payments” at the top of the page and then click “Online Payments” in the drop down menu which appears:

The first time you access this page, then you will need to set up a “Cashless Purse”; follow the instructions which appear to create this.

The current cashless catering balance will be shown in the “My Cashless Purse Screen”:

We strongly encourage you to use debit cards to top up your cashless purse. Some credit card providers apply charges to these transactions in the same way that they do for ATM withdrawals.

Additional credit can be added by clicking the “Top up” icon at the top of the page.

School trips can be found by clicking the “Offer” link at the top of the page; choose the item you wish to purchase and add “Add to basket”. You must then click “View Basket” at the top of the page and then click the “Checkout” button, to complete the payment process and finalise you purchase. During this process you will be asked for your payment card details to complete the payment.

For Free School Meals, if any of the allowance is spent at break, it will be deducted from the balance available at lunchtime.

Where required, cash can be used with our Cashless catering system, however it can not be used to make payments at the till when purchasing food.  Cash must be preloaded onto the students account using one of the Cashloader kiosks in the school prior to making a purchase.

If you have a question about regarding the online payment system, please contact the school by emailing [email protected] and someone will be able to assist you further.