At CNS we recognise the personal development of students is a fundamental part of our academic and pastoral work. It is our intention to create well rounded local, national and global citizens who develop good character, wellbeing and resilience.

Our Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education programme follows the new Department for Education Statutory guidelines on Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education. Our new PSHE curriculum gives young people the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive and fulfilled lives, both now and in the future.  It is our hope that the knowledge, skills and attributes gained from the new curriculum with help the students manage life’s challenges and make the most of life’s opportunities.

In Year 7 and 8, students will have one lesson per fortnight, Year 9 will have 2 lessons per fortnight and then Years 10 and 11 will have one per fortnight again. Student progress will be given through written reports, and there are no parents evening appointments as we welcome parents to discuss the progress at information evenings during the year.

Please read the full RSE policy HERE.

Relationships and Sex Education have been carefully designed to equip students with the necessary tools so they can make informed, safe and positive life decisions. Relationships Education deals with all types of relationships, not just romantic ones and is aimed to help students understand how to manage and maintain healthy relationships to prevent Relationship abuse and harm.

As a school community, we are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers. As such, there will be opportunities for you to come to a parent/carer consultation where you can ask questions regarding the content of Sex Education and other PSHE content. You will also have the opportunity to view lessons and class resources which will help you support your child at home. These lessons are currently being developed by our Academy Trust and awaiting the upcoming government guidance to ensure compliance, and as soon as we have access to them we will be releasing them freely. These will also be consulted on once we have clear government guidance on content.

Parents/carers have the legal right to withdraw their child from all or part of the Sex Education programme, except for those statutory parts included in the National Curriculum for citizenship, P.E., computing and science. If a parent wishes their child to be withdrawn from Sex Education lessons, they should put in writing which aspects of the programme they do not wish their child to participate in and send this to the academy addressed to the Head Teacher and PSHE Lead. Parents/carers may not withdraw their child from the Relationships and Health content in from the new statutory content. Where content can be withdrawn from, this will be clearly marked once the content is developed by the Academy Trust.

Before granting any such request the school will discuss the request with parents and, where appropriate, with the child to ensure that their wishes are understood and to clarify the nature and purpose of the curriculum. We will document this process to ensure a record is kept.  If you have any concerns or queries about your child’s participation in these lessons, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Teacher or PSHE Lead to discuss these.

You can view our Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education policy HERE.

You can also view the governments Information Guide For Parents HERE.

At CNS we want to create an ethos which develops students spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. We aim to do this within a focus on British values and an appreciation of a place within a wider international, multicultural context.

You can read the full British Values policy HERE.

Our SMSC offering is deliberately woven throughout our curriculum, rather than being an add-on to lessons.

We encourage students to consider who and what they aspire to be, from careers to passions and hobbies, we want our students to see the opportunities for excellence that the world offers. All of our students are encouraged to be the best they can and are shown models of people who have excelled to demonstrate how this is possible. Students have a broad range of enrichments to choose from, so that they might find a passion or ambition through our school.

We encourage pupils to consider how and why they behave in the ways they do. We advocate taking responsibility and demonstrating integrity in the way they act in and out of lessons around school. Students will be taught about how ethics is approached within the academic disciplines they are studying, so they can become professionals with integrity. 

We encourage students to value each other and collaborate in lessons and at social times through modeling positive behaviours and attitudes. Students are given opportunities to contribute to the wider CNS society, and to experience broader extra-curricular provision which exposes them to other students and stakeholders in society. Students will be prepared to be conscientious and active participants in society.

We encourage students to see a broader picture of society, and to understand how culture is formed and shaped by a range of influences. We also want students to understand the culture and norms of Great Britain, whilst also having an appreciation for the intersections of cultures as they develop together. Students will be exposed to the artists, authors and thinkers who have created our sense of self and sense of identity.

Students will  be encouraged to make their own decisions about all aspects of school life based on their own personal interests, strengths and values. Student leadership is vital to the development of the school. Students very quickly develop a love of learning and are eager for more. Students have a strong sense of right and wrong which underpins the school. Students are proud to be part of the school and enthusiastically join in with school performances and extra curricular activities. We aim for students to live in accordance with the school motto ‘ Excellence in All’.

You can read the full SMSC policy HERE.