Ethos and Values


“To be a centre of excellence and pride for the local community”

CNS Vision full document here: CNS Vision 2021_2024


“Excellence in all”

As a school with a strong tradition of over 100 years, CNS will continue to maintain its values and ethos especially when pressures may compromise our beliefs.  At the very heart of our ethos is being a truly comprehensive school that supports the care and development of the whole individual.  Our values are:

  • To aim to excel at every single thing we do;
  • To treat everyone and everything with respect, consideration and tolerance;
  • To act with integrity at all times and in all situations;
  • To take pride in ourselves and the school and to display that pride;
  • To treat everyone equally and value their individuality and uniqueness;
  • To trust those who we work with and members of our school community

Our values will be seen through behaviours, attitudes and standards throughout the whole school and at all times. They will apply to “everything, all the time, everywhere”.