Oxbridge and Russel Group Support

Oxbridge is the abbreviated form of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, world renowned and highly competitive institutions. 

The Russell Group are a group of the leading 24 UK universities which strive to provide outstanding research and teaching. 

At CNS, we have a specialist Oxbridge and Cambridge group who meet weekly to develop skills and gain the experience needed to make a strong application. We help students develop personal statements and prepare for admissions tests.

If you have any questions about the support we provide for our students to ensure that they reach their full potential during their time with us, please contact Megan Cook, our Sixth Form Progress Co-ordinator at [email protected]

Oxbridge and Medics Programme

We run a highly successful Oxbridge & Medics Programme as part of the Sixth Form Co-Curricular offer. The work that students undertake as part of this group over the two years of their A Level studies equips them with the knowledge and skills to make applications to highly competitive universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group institutions and heavily over-subscribed courses, including Medicine, Law & Veterinary Sciences. 

Our programme is proven to succeed, with 12 applicants successfully taking up their places at Oxbridge in the last three years. Our Medics have seen similar success, with seven applicants taking up a place to study Medicine or Veterinary Science in the last three years. 

The Oxbridge Programme runs from January of Year 12, through to December of Year 13. Students register their interest in the first half term of starting at CNS Sixth Form and the timetable is co-ordinated around students’ free blocks. Oxbridge students will meet with a designated member of staff whose expertise lies in supporting competitive applications, for an hour every fortnight. 

Sessions cover a wide range of topics designed to stretch students academically, making them ‘Oxbridge ready’. These topics will include super-curriculars, choosing a college, masterclasses, personal statement writing, admissions tests, mock interviews and more.  

We are also affiliated with the Oxford University Step-Up Programme, which targeted students participate in from Years 11-13. As part of the Oxbridge Group, students are also invited to attend a trip to Oxford University as part of the ongoing support the university offers within this programme. You can find out more about the Oxford University Step-Up programme here: New College’s Step-Up Programme | New College (ox.ac.uk)

For further information about Oxbridge and Medics support, please contact the Sixth Form Oxbridge Leads, Ms Cook ([email protected]) and Mr Westwood ([email protected]).