Head and Deputy Head Students

Every year, CNS appoints new Head Students from Year 13 and Deputy Head Students from Year 11 to represent the school and to work closely with the Headteacher. 

“The role is to be involved across the community, raise the profile of the school, equip the students better for their chosen pathways and create opportunities other students can aspire to. I look forward to closely working with the chosen students.”

Jo Philpott, Headteacher

Head Students

Congratulations to Malini, Lucy and Danicke who were all selected for the roles of Head Students for 2023-24.


Hi! My name is Malini. I study Maths, Biology and Chemistry as well as taking the EPQ. 

My legacy project is to promote anti-racism in our school and help  celebrate all the cultures that surround us.  By doing this I hope to empower our students from all backgrounds and make them feel welcome and heard.

I am also one of the founders of the Cultural Celebration at CNS where we hold many events throughout the year for many different traditions and celebrations.

I will always do my best to be an excellent role model and I hope that the small steps we take together as a community leads to a positive change!


Hi! I’m Lucy and I’m studying Geography, History, Theatre Studies, and taking an EPQ.

My legacy project is to increase awareness of the climate crisis, and to encourage changes (big and small) which will help us to achieve a more sustainable future as both individuals and as a school. I think it’s important we take responsibility to care for our planet – and become more educated on the causes and consequences of the climate crisis.

I hope to be a friendly and approachable head student, who you feel comfortable and confident having a chat with!


Hi! My name is Danicke and I’m studying business, economics and maths.

My aim for my legacy project is to improve awareness around mental health within our school. Through doing this I hope to encourage people to talk more and know where to seek needed help.

I feel as though it is important that there is more focus and attention surrounding this. As I feel so passionate about this, I am determined to try and make a change. I hope to make CNS a more open and comfortable place to discuss topics surrounding mental health.

I am really excited about being chosen for this role as head student as I hope to be an approachable student that others feel comfortable coming to speak to about anything bothering them.

Deputy Head Students

Congratulations to the two Ruby’s who were both selected for the roles of Deputy Head Students for 2023-24.


I’m Ruby and I’m taking Triple Science, Computer Science, French, Food Tech and Further Maths for my GCSEs. 

As Deputy Head Student, I intend to make Mental Health support easier to access for all students, as after lockdown, Mental Health became an increasingly prominent issue. Through this I hope to help everyone enjoy their five exciting years at CNS.

I aim to be an approachable figure that everyone feels they can talk to around school. Have a good day! 


Hi, I’m Ruby and this year I’ll be one of your Year 11 Deputy Head students.

My aims as a student leader are to push for more peer support within school, and work to make the school a safer and more positive environment for everyone. 

I believe it’s vital to listen to student voices to achieve this, so I look forward to working with you all this year! 

Well done to all the students who will now represent City of Norwich School in a leadership role.