Student Voice and Student Leadership at CNS

Student Voice and Student Leadership at CNS are central strands of student achievement that enable confidence building, raise aspirations and recognise the talent of our student community.  We aim to provide opportunities for learners to develop leadership skills as well as facilitating a partnership between students and staff to gain a deeper understanding of our school and community. 

Head and Deputy Head Student Team 

Every year, CNS appoints new Head Students from Year 13 and Deputy Head Students from Year 11 to represent the school and to work closely with the Headteacher. 

The overall role of the Head Student team is:

  • To be advocates for CNS
  • To represent the Headteacher at events 
  • To represent student voice
  • To make CNS a better place for everyone
  • To make a lasting difference to CNS for future students 
  • To keep the Headteacher informed of student issues

Each year, Head Students lead a legacy project, designed to leave a lasting change at CNS.  

To find out more about this year’s Head and Deputy Head Students and their chosen legacy projects, click here.

House Councils 

House Councils include representatives from each year group.  Deputy Head Students are expected to attend Student Council. 

Key Stage 3 Council

Led by Ms Philpott and a Year 13 student, this group is made up of two Key Stage 3 students from each House Council. 

Focus Groups

A new initiative in 2022/23 with a specific focus on seeking views and ideas on whole school priorities, for example, Year 10 students are working on anti-bullying.

Sixth Form Council

Year 13 students chair the council and work with the Director of Sixth Form to write the agendas.  Each form has a representative across Years 12 and 13.  Meetings are held fortnightly to allow time for form feedback and suggestions.  

Sixth Form Champions

A new leadership role for 2022-23.  This resembles the old prefect role and students work directly with the sixth form team.  Their duties include: 

  • Covering lunch duty one day each week.
  • Providing support, giving tours and organising activities at open evenings and induction days.
  • Work on enabling a smooth transition for new Year 12 students.
  • Taking part in student voice activities.