School Uniform


The aim of having a uniform at CNS is to promote an inclusive, high-achieving ethos and a sense of pride in belonging to the school community. Our School Uniform Policy can be found on our policy page HERE.

Compulsory items for CNS school uniform

  • Branded or non-branded black school trousers, black skirt (no shorter than knee length) or black tailored knee length shorts
  • Navy polo shirt* with embroidered house name and school logo
  • Navy blue V-neck jumper, cardigan* or hoodie with school badge/logo
  • Plain. black sensible shoes or boots – plain black leather trainers without coloured branding are permitted
  • Tights, if worn, are to be black
  • Socks are to be plain in colour
  • A bag to carry books and stationery
  • Cultural headwear should be plain blue or black in colour

PE kit

  • CNS navy Shorts* – with school logo
  • CNS navy T-Shirt* – with school logo
  • Games socks – navy  
  • Trainers (not black soles) 
  • Studded boots for football/rugby (boys and girls) 

Shin Pads and Gum shields, whilst not compulsory, are strongly recommended  

Optional items:

  • Navy skorts (unbranded)
  • CNS navy leggings* – CNS print 
  • Plain navy base layer
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms (unbranded)  
  • CNS logo navy sweatshirt** – with school logo

Items marked with a star (*) are only available from Stevensons and Marks and Spencer.  Items marked (**) can only be purchased through Marks and Spencer.

Stevensons: 71 Ber St, Norwich, NR1 3AD. 01603 622355.  Parents/carers can register to purchase online from Stevenson’s by following this link

Marks and Spencer: Rampant Horse Street, Norwich, NR2 1QR  01603 761199.  Go to: 

Any parents or carers who have difficulty in meeting the cost of a school uniform should contact their pastoral manager. Financial help may be available.

Banned items

  • Stretch mini skirts
  • Leggins
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • False eyelashes 
  • Coloured or acrylic nails
  • Metal afro hair combs (plastic only please)


  • Hair should be of an appropriate style for school. A natural colour, highlights are acceptable but no streaks of a different colour.
  • Make-up / jewellery should be discreet and appropriate for school. One pair of studs / small hoops, no facial piercings.  Jewellery of any kind is not allowed during PE lessons. 


  • Students  should come to and leave school in full uniform.
  • Outdoor hats and coats should not appear at all during lessons.
  • No white trainers are allowed as school shoes. 
  • Garments worn under polo shirts should not be visible at all. 


All students must arrive at every PE lesson with their PE kit.  Those students with an injury and/or a parental note are still expected to wear a CNS PE kit and participate in the lesson, even if only in a coaching or officiating capacity.

If a student arrives at their lesson without their kit, they will be expected to borrow a yellow CNS PE Department kit.

If students are injured, they can still be a part of the lesson as:

  • Referee
  • Coach
  • Choreographer
  • An observer
  • An organiser