ECT Induction at CNS

CNS is committed to the development of all teachers, and we have a very strong and successful bespoke programme designed to support the development of ECTs over the 2 years of ECT induction. Our ECT induction programme has been designed and written in-house to ensure our ECT curriculum is ambitious, engaging and can be responsive to the needs of CNS ECTs over the 6 terms of ECT induction. All elements of the programme are delivered in school by a wide range of CNS practitioners who share their expertise and guidance with our Year 1 and 2 ECT PD groups. Our ECT programme is overseen by our Professional Tutor and all elements of the course are quality assured by our appropriate body linked to the ‘Learn That…’ and ‘Learn how to…’ statements of the Early Career Framework.

As an ECT at CNS, you can expect:

  • Experienced and trained mentors: We have a team of expert mentors in all faculties who are trained and experienced in developing teachers in the early stages of their career. Each ECT has a dedicated mentor who works closely with you to develop subject-specific pedagogy and classroom practice.
  • Tailored and responsive weekly PD programme: Our bespoke weekly/fortnightly PD program is designed to build the key knowledge and skills needed to become an independent, reflective and ambitious practitioner. Our Year 1 programme builds on experiences and reflections from ITT placements to develop confidence in core principles of research-led teaching and learning strategies. In Year 2 we reflect and develop this knowledge and experience and consider some of the more challenging teaching concepts and contexts.
  • Support from OAT: Over the course of ECT induction, our ECTs also have the opportunity to work with the team of OAT Subject Lead Practitioners. This can be via training lead by LPs in school, as well as through subject specific training for ECTs led by LPs remotely.  

We are incredibly proud of our CNS ECT induction programme and are confident that it offers ECTs the support, guidance and challenge needed to be successful in ECT induction and the start of a teaching career. If you would like any further information on our ECT programme, please contact our Professional Tutor Emma Blackburn- [email protected]